Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I Want a Hybrid Car...

I want a hybrid car. After sitting on the fence for so many years, I've finally been pushed over.

All because I was "forced" to do research on hybrid technology when producing eco tips for our client Hybrid Motors, and I got to learn so much about the latest developments. And of course the pivotal point was chatting with Hybrid Motor's CEO, Eddie Lo.

Pushed off the fence by CEO of Hybrid Motors, Eddie Lo.

... that a full tank of petrol, which now gets me about 400km in my conventional Suzuki SX4, will get me 700km with a hybrid car? That's cos a hybrid car not only has a petrol engine but an electric battery, which (in case you didn't know) charges by itself as you're driving. There's no need to plug it in to charge, and it lasts the lifetime of your car!
And there's more POWER. A 1.8L hybrid car has the power of a 2.4L car, but the petrol consumption of a 1.0L car. Isn't that the absolute coolest? :0

Eddie, who set up Hybrid Motors in Singapore in 2008, has been driving a hybrid car for the past 6 years. In fact, he's been in the automobile industry for 11 years, being originally from Hong Kong. He settled in Singapore 5 years ago, and it's really his passion & conviction about hybrid technology that compelled him to start a company that imports hybrid cars.

I was down at the Hybrid Motors showroom at Ubi, and it's a whole collection of hybrid cars all under one roof... different brands, different models... from sedans, to SUVs and MPVs...

Eddie reveals that he'll be bringing in the hybrid sports cars very soon! Imagine a sports car that's quiet. That's another thing about hybrid cars -- it's a quieter drive.

I swear that hybrid cars are getting more handsome. I have to admit I was always a little put off by the boring, standard look of the earlier models. But now... they're quite good lookers, I must say! *wink*

So yah, I'm pretty much sold. And I'm not just saying that. It just makes so much sense to me, in the long run. And personally, it matters to me that I'm doing my bit to save the earth.

If you'd like to find out more about hybrid cars & hybrid technology, visit Hybrid Motors website by clicking here.

After all, celebrities like Brad Pitt, Cameron Diaz, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hanks, Ellen DeGeneres, Prince Charles... and many others... have jumped on the green bandwagon, and traded gas-guzzling luxury cars for hybrid ones. So, what do you think is really "in"? *wink*

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