Monday, January 11, 2010


I swear it was the presence of Neil Humpheys that made me say, "Hi, I'm Pamelo" on national radio. Boo boos aside, this bloke just brings in rays of sunshine when he plonks himself on our couch ~ every time.

When he was coming in to the waiting area of our studio before his interview, he peered at Stan & me through the glass and made a monkey face at us like a little Primary school kid. While I was trying hard to concentrate on the ongoing conversation, a smile did escape my lips!

And who would've imagined that talking about match fixing & illegal betting syndicates could elicit gaffaws from us? Well, that's Neil Humphreys for you!

Neil Humphreys shares about his 1st novel, Match Fixer.

Corruption, match fixing & illegal betting syndicates in squeaky-clean Singapore? Isn't that like voluntarily putting his head on the chopping board?

But Neil wants the controversy! He's hankering for the book to be the Saint Jack (1970s movie that was banned in Singapore for 30 years for featuring prostitution & homosexuality) of 2010!

But everyone's been so accepting and supportive, and it's driving him nuts! *LOL*

Well, I'm eager to bury my nose in Neil's book. I love that we get review copies from publishers! (Thanks, Marshall Cavendish!) But this time, we got another gift ~ and ooh, what a cool one!

Check out these football jerseys we got! They are limited edition, only 40 jerseys in circulation, and all numbered. Mine's 14. I feel special. *beams*


Diane said...

Luckily you didn't introduce yourself as Pomelo!

Anonymous said...

hello pamelo, everyone, from Singapore to KL, wants those jerseys. You are so lucky!!

Pam said...

*LOL* yes it's a nice "limited edition" tee, tho a tad big for me! :P maybe i should auction it off on ebay? ;P