Monday, January 18, 2010

What has Nanz Chong been up to?

Nanz Chong is looking GOOD! And is that a tan we spot? *wink* It's hard to imagine she's a mother of three; definitely easier to believe she was once a fashion model. She doesn't look a day past 35, and oh, check out those boots!

"Forever 21," she grins, following my gaze.

When the once hugely-successful retail chain One.99 crumbled, Nanz did not sit on her butt for long. For the past 7 years, she has been going around giving inspirational talks locally & overseas, even writing a book - One Business, 99 Lessons - which became an instant bestseller.

And she's at it again, with a new online portal targeted at the Asian woman called Nanz Inc.

It's Nanz's new baby - one she conceived with long-time friend, Theresa Tan. Theresa was former Editor of Female magazine, and Editor-in-Chief of Elle. She's also Founder & Director of Women Make A Difference, a non-profit organisation that addresses women's & children's issues.

"We're the sort who can't sit still," explains Theresa with a chuckle. Both she & Nanz have 3 kids each. "As my mother would say, we have itchy backsides!"

Well, we're glad that they do! Because just 3 months after its launch, Nanz Inc is already reaching out to women beyond our shores. And men, too! It's a marvelous thing, really - a form of public service they're providing to us women - because hey, our men surely need to understand the psyche of us Asian woman! *LOL*

Do check out Nanz Inc by clicking here. Watch out too for events that will be comin' at you ~ You can follow these tech-savvy chicks on Facebook or Twitter.

My guest-host Justine Moss & I had a lovely Girl Talk session with Creative Head of Nanz Inc, Theresa Tan and Nanz Chong-Komo.

Well, another conversation we had in The Living Room today was with some talented young people from SIM. Yes, it's the first-ever Broadway musical put up by an educational institution, and SIM is bearing the torch...

We're talking about Thoroughly Modern Millie, 1967 American musical film about a naive young girl from Kansas who moves to New York to begin a new life. It traces her madcap adventures, especially when she sets her sights on marrying her wealthy boss. But does Love win at the end of the day? You'll have to catch the production to find out.

And here to tell us more are the production's Producer, Shane Lee, and the two lead actors Madeline Teo and Robin Chiu. So what is the highlight of the show for them?

Talented students from SIM staging a musical: [L to R] Lead actors Robin & Madeline, and Producer Shane.

Madeline looks bashful. She nudges Robin. Then a smile creases her pretty face. "I think Madeline has something to share..." says the ever-observant Justine.

"The kissing scene," Madeline reveals, bashfully. "It's a little awkward..."

"Is it a long kiss or a short one?" Justine presses on, clearly not letting her off the hook.

"It's not long, but there are a few of them," Madeline chuckles.

Oh! We love to see young people embarrassed & awkward like this! And so we carry on this line of conversation, teasing more out of them. "Is it a real kiss, or one of those where you cheat and hide behind your hand?"

"It's real!" Robin & Madeline assure us.

OK, for the kissing scenes alone, we will catch the musical, guys! *LOL* Here's wishing you all the best & don't forget your mints!

Thoroughly Modern Millie Junior
6 Feb
3pm & 8pm
NAFA Lee Foundation Theatre
Tickets via SISTIC


Maynas Eric Chua said...

Thanks Super Host Pam! Lovely to read this blog and awesome interview you had with Nanz and Theresa :) You rock!

Threez said...

Aiyah should have worn my cowboy boots too then you would say I'm looking good too - NOOOOOOT!!! Love you, babe. Thanks for having us on the show, it was really fun! Hope to have you and JUSTINE (yes Justine Moss, you) on Nanz Inc's video show one of these days!