Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Merchants of Bollywood!

I love Bollywood! The whole spectacle of it! The colours, movements, energy, music, costumes, everything!

Some years back, my friend Glenda (Chong) introduced me to the Bollywood film Devdas and I was hooked. These Bollywood stars are just all so gorgeous... Shahrukh Khan... Aiswarya Rai... And they're expected to act + sing + dance. Unbelievable!

So I was pretty excited that the hit musical The Merchants of Bollywood has rolled into town! It's birthed from the bowels of Bollywood, and the cast members are based in Mumbai. It's the real deal. But instead of gracing the big screen, they explode spectacularly on stage! Here's a sneak peak:

We had on the couch today the beautiful leading lady of Merchants of Bollywood, Carol Furtado, who plays Ayesha. She came in all dolled up in her sari, Indian jewellery & makeup, and she caused quite a stir with Bharai & Keith (FRESH) even before she came onto our show. I swear it made Keith & Bharati want to dance and chase each other around a coconut tree! *wink*

Joining Carol were Producer Mark Brady and Choreographer Vaibhavi Merchant, on whom the story of the musical is based. She is a renowned choreographer in Bollywood and the story basically revolves around her and her grandfather. You'll have to catch the show to find out the rest!

Carol, Vaibhavi & Mark sharing with us about The Merchants of Bollywood!

I can't wait to catch the performance! There are only 8 shows scheduled in Singapore. So don't miss it!

The Merchants of Bollywood
12 - 17 Jan
Esplanade Theatre
Tickets via SISTIC

For more information, click here.

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