Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Food Obsession!

I obsess about food. I will travel for food - even across oceans. Food inspires me to write, to go into passionate soliloquies, to upload copious amounts of photos on Facebook! My best friend says that when I talk about food, my eyes light up. So when I first heard about a contemporary art exhibition that focuses on food obsession, I sat up.

I'm pleasantly surprised though that the talented artist behind Food Obsession: A Visual Study of Food Behaviour is not a die-hard foodie herself! She admits that she's the sort who could eat char siew pau for 3 months. *gasps*

For talented young artist Nataliette, what she turned to for inspiration was food idioms.

Here's a collage of what you'd see at her exhibition. Can you see images that depict "In hot soup" or "Fishing for ideas in a teacup"? Clever, isn't it?

Nataliette first sketched these by hand, scanned them into the computer, then coloured & shaded them digitally. These canvas pieces are currently displayed - in her first solo exhibition - at HOUSE @ Dempsey.

I hope this is just the appetiser to bigger things to come. For sure, this 24-year-old artist's works have whet my appetite. Here's a sneak peak of more of her creations...

When Stan asked her why the subjects are all women, after all men have food obsessions too, Nataliette laughed & said there's no particular reason. She just loves drawing the female form. Possibly because she's also a woman. And then she added cheekily, "I love to draw boobs!"

Well, if you'd like to find out more about Nataliette and her works, you can visit her website. Just click here.

Nataliette is just one of 60+ young talents who are under the Singapore Contemporary Young Artists (SCYA) network. It was SCYA who first went out to establish a partnership with HOUSE on this project.

Well, Nataliette's works are currently on sale at HOUSE. Prices range from $50 - $550. I'm definitely gonna see if I can cart some of her artworks home! *grin*

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nataliette said...

hey pam, thanks for the feature! :D so happy that you like my art, and it was a really fun session with you guys yesterday morning :)