Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Time For Thanks!

It's Stan's birthday today!!!

"Happy birthday, buddy!"

Stan was on leave so I helmed the morning show. In the evening, my 938LIVE colleagues & I trooped down for his party at Cream Bistro (Pacific Plaza) for a fun-filled celebration - complete with balloons, colourful masks, birthday cake & games!

With 938LIVE colleagues Christine, Mageline, Gerry & Stan's bro, Hossan (who's also a radio DJ, with Lush 99.5FM).

Hossan was the emcee, and he was jokingly lamenting at dinner that he had to "work for his dinner". "Who ask you be his brother?" I remark nonchalantly, tucking into my fried calamari. "I never! I never!" Hossan exclaims, eyes wide. "I never ask for it what!"

Sometimes I can't believe they're brothers. But then again, sometimes I can! *LOL*

If there's one person who exudes an attitude of gratitude, it's Stan. He threw this party not just because the date 09.09.09 looks nice on the invite, but because he wanted to pause, take stock, and give thanks to the many people who have touched his life.

Such is Stan! He's a patient mentor, a giving friend, and a super fun on-air partner. I've been truly blessed. Happy birthday, buddy!!!

"May all your wishes come true!"

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