Thursday, September 24, 2009

Full of Grace

In the past four weeks of September, Stan & I had the pleasure of "picking the brains" of psychologist Dr Grace Lee. We talked about Happiness, Gratitude, Love & Relationships, Self-Esteem ~ topics not new in themselves, but Grace brought a whole new level of insight & perspective to them, I felt.

Psychologist Dr Grace Lee: "Looking forward to working with you again!"

Prior to relocating to Singapore and setting up her own company Glee Thinkworks, Grace was a lecturer at the University of Hawaii. Come Spring 2010, she'll be lecturing on Positive Psychology at the National University of Singapore.

More than sharing research findings & practical tips, Grace touched us with her stories and the simple yet succinct way she explained the complex human condition.

I almost felt like her words hung like a speech bubble over our heads, and we had to pause each time to savour them & let them sink in.

There is a wisdom & grace about Grace, and I personally can't wait to have her back for more insightful & inspiring conversations!

P.S. Grace, I'll contact you when I'm heading to Hawaii for a holiday! Finally, a friend who's a native of Hawaii... *grin*

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