Friday, September 18, 2009

Laura Fygi Puts Us to Shame!

I love Laura Fygi's voice. Sultry. Soulful. And even though I don't understand French, just listening to her belt out Autumn Leaves leaves me breathless. But more than listening to her, I love watching her.

As Loretta Chen, Artistic Director of Zebra Crossing puts it, Laura is a Storyteller - with her voice, her eyes, everything. See it to believe it:

It's no wonder then that Loretta picked Laura Fygi to play the title role of Victor/Victoria on a hunch. And I've known Loretta to be such - a woman of intuition, who is seldom wrong. When she contacted Laura, she had not breathed a word to anyone at Zebra Crossing...

Laura Fygi had proclaimed once that she would NEVER venture into musicals. But thanks to Loretta, who acted on her intuition, Laura said 'Yes'. And as they say, the rest is history. Victor/Victoria marks Laura Fygi's first-ever theatrical debut!

Well, we had these two awesome women as guests today, and I absolutely enjoyed the casual banter & chemistry that went on between them. It's an ease based on friendship, which was probably established when Loretta spent a month in Holland (a small countryside town outside Amsterdam), rehearsing with Laura.

Victor/Victoria brings Laura Fygi to town! Telling us more was Zebra Crossing's Artistic Director, Loretta Chen.

How can we have Laura Fygi in the house and not have her sing for us 'live'? *grin* So we invited her to sing us a song, and she decided on an old familiar song in Mandarin. Wow!

Midway, she invited Stan & I to join in. And that's when we were completely embarrassed, put to SHAME, on national radio. You must first know that Stan & I failed our Chinese exams, and we are so bad at Mandarin, it's not funny.

Imagine: A Dutch woman belting out a song in perfect Mandarin. And here we are, two Chinese-Singaporeans, stumped. It was a completely embarrassing moment for us! *sheepish* Check out our public shame:

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