Saturday, September 26, 2009

Some Spicy Saturday

A spread of bowls filled with an array of spices teased the senses of a privileged group of 938LIVE listeners on the second floor at Spice Queen Restaurant. This is where celebrity chef Devagi Sanmugam reigns supreme complete with sticks of spices in hand that look like her sceptre. This is where she holds court and makes all who come into her presence cower with newfound respect. She afterall wears the title of 'Spice Queen'.

Spices bring out the taste, add flavour and infuse into life some zing and a sting. Our palates are introduced to (to borrow the words of Peabo Bryson & Regina Bell) 'a whole new world'. The workshop began with morning tea of spiced samosas, murukku-like Indian crackers, some cakes and masala tea. Twas delightful, delicious, delovely!

Having had their fill of a spice-ridden spread, our listeners sauntered into the adjoining room question-ridden and restless to hear about spices - their properties, how to introduce them to your cooking, how to store them and how to tell apart fresh, unadulterated and genuine spices like curry power and saffron from lower grades and counterfeits. With their copy of notes Devagi had prepared, they furiously copied down more points as the Spice Queen took them on a whirlwind tour of her kingdom of spices.

Just over two and half hour later, everyone left and lived happily ever after, sure to return to sign up for other courses offered by Epicurean World or simply tuck into the sumptuous spicy spread at Spice Queen Restaurant.

All hail the Spice Queen.

Spice Queen Restaurant is located at 24/26 Race Course Road.

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