Monday, October 20, 2008

And So It Begins.....

What a blast! To have energiser bunnies Irene Ang and Chua En Lai in the house on a Monday morning! It was seriously a better booster than the Red Bull I was gulping down man.

They were down to talk about their new project 'Return of the V', which plays 5-9 Nov at Movida @ St James Power Station. It's cool cos hey, it's held in a club. And also your $48 ticket comes with a drink... *grin*

Seriously, Irene looks super fit and toned in person. Makes me want to get off my butt and exercise too! We would show you the picture... but can you believe Stan and I didn't take any pictures with Irene & En Lai?! :(

I guess there were other things on our minds that morning ~ like making sure Pam doesn't screw up on her first day on air. It was unnerving to say the least... thank God Stanley is such a Zen person. I didn't realise "talking" was so hard.

Anyway, here's a picture of Stan & Pam on our first day of being on-air partners. It's taken by Melissa Bun (She's quite a photographer, isn't she? And you thought she only had a GOOD VOICE).

Our second guest on the show was none other than the winner of the Young Artist Award, Aidli Mosbit ~ or "Alin" as she's called by friends and compatriots. Not only was she warm, bubbly and open, she was the sweetest thing ever, to join us in the studio on her birthday!

We just had to celebrate her and her generosity of spirit! But since we didn't dare light no candles in the studio (lest it sets off the fire alarm & sprinklers ~ and we both lose our jobs), we bought her a donut instead. A chocolate donut! *grin*

Happy birthday, Alin! The Living Room team wishes you all the very best in this exciting new year!!!

PS. Catch Aidli Mosbit again on Wed 22 Oct, 10am as she tells us more about her new play, "Gemuk Girls"...

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