Friday, October 31, 2008

Out of Africa!

It's a Friday! And what a FULL Friday it was for us! We started the morning talking about sex. *grin* Did that grab your attention? Good. Well, more specifically, we had counsellors Glenn Graves and Martine Hill come in to talk about "talking to your children about sex". What I learnt: It's not about The Conversation, but many little ones ~ seizing teachable moments.

Then, it was time to be teleported to the great expanse of Africa through the stories of Poh Yu Seung & Rosalind Ng who just completed Enduro Africa (18-25 Oct), an 8-day motorcycle ride across South Africa to raise funds for children suffering from HIV/Aids.

Stanley and I found out that the husband & wife team rode to Caldecott on their motorbikes (actually Ros came in her black Vespa!) so we couldn't resist it ~ we had to take some pics with their hot wheels.

We had lunch together after the interview and it was fun finding out more about their adventures in Africa. Prince William and Prince Harry were part of Enduro Africa too and Ros & Yu Seung even got to take a picture with The Boys! *gasp*

Read all about their trip at

Then at 5pm, Stanley had to do 6 roving reports at the new Marina Barrage, so I tagged along (or "trailed" him) to learn the ropes. Basically, what he does is to call back to our studio where our colleagues, Michelle Martin and William Xavier, put him on air. He then updates listeners on what's happening at the event 'live'.
I was told today I have to do my first solo roving report on 22 Nov, so better faster learn lor! *wry smile*

The Marina Barrage is quite awesome because it's a reservoir in the city! From the Barrage, we had a wonderful view of the sea and the Singapore skyline, including the Singapore Flyer.

And as the sun sets........ I tell you, it's breathtaking. It's one of those places you just wanna stroll hand-in-hand with your loved one. *sigh*

It's at Marina South, if you are keen. *wink*

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Rosalind Ng said...

hey guys! Thanks for having us over at the studio. Was good fun! We're still reeling from the buzz of S.Africa :)

Pam, your news reading is great. So relax! You're a natural! catch you 2 around soon!