Saturday, October 18, 2008

Coffee Talk

About fifty people on this island are now better able to appreciate coffee. They've been educated and tuned to pick out the tones, tastes and aroma, telling apart the Sumatran from a Colombian (not the people!). Thanks to our partner, Gloria Jeans Coffees, for making today's event an aromatic success with our listeners.

The Coffee Appreciation Workshop was over-subscribed, and many who tried to sign up late had the misfortunate of being turned away. If you were one of those who didn't get a place, we hope you think of the 'early bird catching the worm' analogy' the next time. ;o) Coffee is evidently a hit with our listeners. Our youngest attendee being all of just three with his parents; our oldest clawing seventy.

James Donald who's MD of Gloria Jeans Coffees Singapore conducted the talk, followed by a tasting session where each participant sniffed and slurped the different varieties of coffee served. I liked James' jelly bean illustration. It proved how our sense of smell completes the overall satisfaction of a cup of coffee, and it's not just about what we taste.

The Jelly Bean Example
If you want to try out what we did, just get two different flavours of jelly beans. Then pinch your nose and toss it into your mouth and suck it, all this time with your nose pinched. You don't get very of an experience right? Now, give your nose a break and start breathing through it while tasting the jelly beans. Ahhh... Suddenly your sense of the full flavour of the bean is heightened. It's the same with coffee. Let your sense and smell come together like a waltzing couple arm-in-arm the next time you order your cuppa.

Things then got more hands-on and many got to try their hand at creating mugfuls of latte art with the froth. It sure looked easy when the baristas did it. I believe we'll also be more appreciative the next time we're served a pretty piece of art over piping hot coffee.

Thanks to all who came today - the regulars and first-timers! It was beans of fun and the 938LIVE crew were happy to have come around to say hello! Until our next event, keep on enjoying that cuppa!

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Eclipse Sports Pte Ltd said...

A wonderful event with several good cups of Coffee on a Saturday morning.

A BIG Thanks to The Living Room, 938Live and its wonderful crew, not forgetting Gloria Jeans Coffee.

This is a great way to know more about Stanley(he's not just the Emcee for the day, but he have to go about re-filling the water, Tough job!!), beside hearing his voice daily.

Now that he have a new partner, I'm looking to hear more interesting views from Pamela.

(the one who brought the youngest participant along)
PS. possible to send me pictures of my little boy, Jovi, taken at the event?