Friday, October 17, 2008

Hello Radio!

Stanley is so brilliant to start a blog for The Living Room! I'm so itching to write again - after leaving publishing and joining 938LIVE on 29 Sep. Stan's got editorial background too, so it's only natural that we're launching Scribbles. *grin*

So far, I've just been "sitting in" in this fish bowl studio, observing Mr Octopus and being totally overwhelmed by the airplane-cockpit panel before me.

But more so, I'm meeting so many interesting people who come in and out of our studio, learning so many things from them, and bursting to share my experiences and reflections.

Coming from an editorial background (I was previously Deputy Editor of Vanilla magazine), I express myself best and most naturally through writing. So this BLOG! Wow, wow, wow.

Anyway, this is the LAST day I'm able to sit in here and shake legs. Come next week, I'll be going on air with Mr Octopus. Eek. Still trying to get used to the sound of my own voice... *shudder*

But you know what? I love meeting people, and I always have a squillion questions to ask (So far, I've been scribbling them down on paper and pushing them over to Stanley, who humours me and reads them out!) so I'm just gonna look forward to this new experience of on-air interviews vs written interviews.

Stay tuned! Mr Octopus and er ... Ms Octopussy (?)... will have lots of interesting stories to share with you once we explode on air together next week! *wink*

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Diane said...


Your avid follower and choco bud is here to say have fun on air and i'll tune in to your shows...

Erm... what time ar??? lol...