Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Living Room Blog

Welcome to The Living Room online! You're reading the first ever post on our blog and we're over the moon you stopped by!

We've finally branched out to create another intimate way of connecting with you, our precious listener (and now reader), and vice versa.

Where instead of just bringing to you the weekday interviews across the airwaves into your own living room, offices, cabins and other spaces you work and live in, we're going to be even more personal and in your face. We hope you don't mind.

Stay fixated on this site for more exciting news, gossips and personal thoughts as we translate the power of the spoken word into the 'written' form via this blog.

[Disclaimer: You may be addicted to this blog. If you develop an addiction, please contact the Addictions Counselling Service Centre at cantstopreading@all. ]

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