Friday, October 17, 2008

Who's That Girl?

From next Monday, I won't be the swinging single that I have been the last few months!

Someone will be putting me out of my misery from next week and I'm sure that together, we'll bring the show to greater heights. This blog is in fact inspired by her. I won't say too much about her other than the fact that she loves to write and hails from the land of publishing.

So who'll be the new voice alongside me from Monday? Sit tight and stay tuned to find out.

To Diana who emailed to us signing off as the 'ardent listener of 938LIVE', thanks for the encouragement. We're thrilled to know you enjoy the show and we're only challenged to serve up more great conversations.

Talking about conversations, we hosted renowned hairstylist Kim Robinson on the show yesterday. His quick wit and say-it-as-it-is manner was freshing; I'm sure you detected it on the airwaves. I'm still wondering if he really thought I need to get my hair re-styled.

I can't wait for tomorrow. If you've signed up for the Living Room's Coffee Appreciation Workshop, see you at 10am and Gloria Jeans Coffees (Orchard Cineleisure branch). Nothing like a caffeine fix to get us off to a fabulous weekend!

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