Friday, October 24, 2008

Spicy Salsa anyone?!

Salsa is just such a hot sizzling dance and I was further convinced after chatting with Tito & Tamara (from Puerto Rico) and Singapore's very own June & Jackson on yesterday's show. I just thought it was totally amazing how two individual dancers found each other, gave up biology of which they'd studied at university, to pursue dance fulltime. Tito and Tamara are probably among the most envied among dancers. And with them having tied the knot and having baby Triam (who's being looked after by grandpa while they're away from home), chemistry doesn't get any better than this! Oh and when they're not playing parents and travelling the world, they run several programmes and also own a dance studio back home.
We also hosted June & Jackson from JJSalsaRengue on the the programme and they are truly passionate champions of salsa in Singapore. I forgot to ask them if they needed more guys in their troupe since they did say that women outnumbered the men 10 to 2 in the early days when salsa was finding its feet in our city.

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