Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The Q&As of A(venue) Q

In about an hour, we'll be getting up close to two humans who work very closely with puppets. Their every moment in sync with the fuzzy, furry characters they carry on stage. What's life like with a puppet literally on hand? How do professional theatre actors feel about having to share the limelight with these inanimate objects to which they 'breathe life' into? And with all the precise movements, how are their arms holding up?

Pam and I will be posing these questions to cast members Rycharde Everley and Joel Trinidad who'll be on our couch this morning. Pity Lucy (the slut) isn't able to join us; she must have had a very late night doing the things she does. But she did send us some photos which she requested we post here. By the way, she's at 181, Avenue Q if you wanna hunt her down while she's in town.

Watch this space for our post-show review of Avenue Q tomorrow!!!

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