Thursday, November 13, 2008

Shanghai (K)nights

We've had an overwhelming response to our blog trailer running on air and I believe you found yourself on this page because of what you heard. We're glad it's doing what it's meant to...get you onto this harmless site where even kids would find most fascinating!
Where have I been? Well I didn't want to, but I had to. So Pam bravely stepped up to hold the fort for three days (and she did it most valiantly) while I jetted off to Shanghai. It was a trip that was 10% work and 90% leisure. The ATP Tennis Masters is now underway and I'd volunteered to file live roving reports from the Qi Zhong Stadium for SportsZone Minutes.

As Pam said, I am somewhat crazy about tennis and decided to meet Roger and Novak (we go on a first name basis!). The atmosphere in the stadium was intense and so was the racket on the ground (sometimes literally) where men brutally swung titanium to thunderous applause from thrilled fans! This was real tennis action away from the tv set! Alas, downcast Roger was almost a racket length from me at the press conference after losing his opening match to rising Frenchman Gilles Simon.

Here are some photos of my time catching the planet's best tennis players in action.

(photos from l-r: Federer-slayer Simon; Djokovic throwing in the towl; A Roddick return; Knowles & Bhupathi having a breather inbetween points)

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