Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Putting Them Down One At A Time

If you send me an email this week or next, you'll get an out-of-office auto reply shot back at you (amazing how it guises itself as an email I'd tailormade and sent personally to you) that informs I'm guarding 'vital installations' on our island. Given that Thailand's Suvarnabhumi International Airport has been beseiged, we can better appreciate those who truly standing guard to keep the peace and things in order.

Coming back to my out-of-office email text, I'd made a disclaimer that vital installations didn't include lamp posts and traffic lights! Three days into my ICT and you can have the last laugh! I will be working closely with lamp posts, in fact, I'll be putting them down, all 161 of them. "Putting them down? But they're inanimate!", you question. I really refer to assisting the crane (not the feathered type but the one with mechanical extendable arms) operator lay the lamp posts down on the ground once they've been dislodged from their base. These lamp posts are the ones currently lining Lim Chu Kang Road. That's a long and straight public road feeding traffic into cemetery paths and farm tracks and many may not know that this road serves a secondary purpose - as an emergency runway alongside Tengah Air Base. It'll be all over the news these next few days till the large scale exercise unfolds this weekend with RSAF's formidable fighter jets leaving tyre marks on the road rather than motor vehicles!

Thanks to Pam for single--handedly burning the midnight oil to produce and host the show these two weeks. Pam, if you ever need a break, you're entitled to having a third, it's now FOUR months of maternity leave! Beats the max of three weeks a year we NSmen are entitled to. ;o)

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