Saturday, November 22, 2008

Beyond the Living Room...

It was a crazy week in the Living Room, and it will probably be a crazier 2 weeks ahead with Stanley going on reservist. He tells me it's quite boring, so he... er... writes poetry! *gasp* Shall I cajole him to share his poems on this blog? Shall I? Shall I? *wink*

Well, besides doing 'live' interviews on The Living Room, Stan and I do other stuff as well... outside of The Living Room. Would you like a glimpse? Well, as producer-presenters, we are sometimes invited to emcee events. Stan has done MANY, but I will be hosting my first next Sat at the "Maybe... Baby" seminar. Stan also gets invited to run workshops, like "interviewing techniques", at the Singapore Media Academy.

Sometimes, we have to do roving reports as well. That means we go down to events and field 'live' reports back to the studio. Recently, Stan did one for the Marina Barrage ~ 6 'live' feeds back to the studio during its official opening, where PM Lee Hsien Loong was the guest-of-honour.

This morning, I did my first roving report for the Yellow Ribbon Community Art Exhibition 2008 at the Botanic Gardens. It was quite an experience because I got to check out the amazing artwork by the inmates, speak to the people involved, and then share what I saw, heard and experienced with listeners, 'live'.

Here I am chatting with the Chairman of the organising committee. His name is Rockey Francisco Junior, and he's actually a Prisons Superintendent, with close to 1,000 inmates under his supervision. It was eye-opening chatting with him before the 'live' interview about why he chose to work in the prisons. Maybe one day I'll invite him in to The Living Room so you too can hear his story.

Well, I'll be flying solo the next 2 weeks. I will miss my buddy...... but I look forward to reading his poems when he gets back.

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