Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Teen Titans

"It's My Life!" - a musical about teens, by teens & for teens - grabbed me from day one. I have a soft spot for teenagers. In my previous life, I was a secondary school English teacher and a school counsellor, so when I first heard from Tan Kheng Hua and Valerie Lim (producers & best friends) that this project they were working on involved 11 teens who share their real-life stories, I was fascinated.

It's a project one year in the making, which is highly unusual for a local play. It's been a "process", they say. The content, the songs, even the set design has been one amazing journey of discovery and improvisation.

Today, Kheng Hua and hubby Lim Yu-Beng (who is director of the musical) were guests on The Living Room, bringing with them two teenagers from the musical. They're Movin, 15, who performs in the play, and Iffah, 16, who's a designer. They shared about what went on behind the scenes and what you can expect on stage come 27 November, when the musical starts its run at the University Cultural Centre. Find out more at www.itsmylife.sg.

"Its My LIfe!" guests (L to R): Iffah, Yu-Beng, Kheng Hua & Movin.

All the music in the play are originals. For fans of Corrinne May, you'd be pleased to know she contributed a song too! When I asked the group if this teen musical was inspired by High School Musical, they almost scoffed at the idea. This is the real deal ~ it's raw, real and rockin'!

Well, after the interview, we invited Kheng and Yu-Beng to record a Season's Greeting for you, our 938LIVE listener. So listen out for that as Christmas draws near... *wink*

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