Monday, November 17, 2008

He Cracked Me Up

I can't think of a better way to start a Monday morning than to have a guy like Neil Humphreys come on the show. I had to exercise major self control cos it's really not cool exploding into uncontrollable guffaws into the highly-sensitive mic attached to my headset. But man, was I wiping away tears from my eyes...

Neil Humphreys sharing about his road to fatherhood and his new book "Be My Baby". Here's Stan & I standing on the sofa to match his 1.96m frame.

The best part was when we started talking about urinating. Apparently, Neil's dad (or was it dad-in-law?) insists that there's an international law that states that pregnant women are entitled to pee anywhere... as in, anywhere... and they can't be arrested.

But wait, that's not the best part. The best part was - in the middle of that urinating conversation - my buddy Stan blurts out suddenly, "Talking about peeing, I really need to go."

And to my horror, the man gets up and runs out of the studio! You should have seen my jaw drop. Yes, I kid you not ~ right in the middle of our Neil Humphreys interview! Stan comes back 5 mins later looking much happier, so all's forgiven. What great timing though - for an "urgent" man - to have that topic crop up just then for an appropriate exit. it's Divine Providence!

Anyway, do grab Neil's new book "Be My Baby", which chronicles his journey into fatherhood (in journal form), and features a host of the dumbest questions a clueless dad-to-be can ever ask. It will have you in stitches, I swear.

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Fav#6Son said...

Hi Pam and Stan, I have been a FAN of Neil since his 1st book, Notes from an Even Smaller Island in 2001, then Scribbles, then, gasp! Final Notes. When he left, I had withdrawal symptoms. Thank God his columns were picked up by the ST, and now, Be My Baby! Happy days are here again!