Friday, May 21, 2010

A Christian conversion

While there are those who swoon over a certain Italian crooner coming our way next month for a one-night-only concert, we're happy to report we've got one of our own who just as effortlessly makes women weak in the knees with his ballads. Just ask Pamela, who got serenaded to live on air in The Living Room this morning. No wonder he comes in the way of boyfriends and their girls. It's this easiness and charm about him. This is the magnetism of Christian Bautista.

Vocals aside (he has a rich baritone timbre that glides on higher registers, transporting you to third heaven), it doesn't hurt to have chiselled good looks and looking dapper yet relaxed. Words flow easily for this 28-year-old, who first struck out as a singer in 2004 after a decent showing at Star in a Million, a reality singing contest in his native Philippines. Christian's music has won hearts not just among his country(wo)men, but across Southeast Asia. Indonesia in particular loves him, with album sales there reaching the triple platinum mark. Not that his music hasn't won over radio listeners in Singapore. Back a few years ago, his rendition of 'The Way You Look At Me' made it it to #1 on the Perfect 10 chart (what is now 987FM).

When asked why his music appeals to such a wide audience across cultures, he puts it down to digging deep into his emotions. "Every time I sing to my audience, I do my best to romance them, look them straight in the eye and tell them from my heart what I want to say. I think it's important they feel what you're singing...even if it's in a recording studio or on tv. I believe that's the way to go - to get that connection".

Christian's music is slow, sentimental, reflective and reminiscent, and there's no splitting hairs between his music and his personality. He adds, "I believe that we Asians are really romantics at heart. We love singing, we love romance, we love break-ups. There are so many good break-up songs that we just want to listen to them and cry".

I'd read in another interview that Christian begins and ends each day with prayer. I couldn't help but ask him if his faith shapes his life. To which he relates this story:

"When my mother named me Christian Joseph Morata Bautista, my grandfather said "You better be sure this man grows up to be a good boy because of the name you give him". You've got 'Christian' there, you've got 'Joseph' there, and 'Bautista' is Tagalog for 'Baptist'! So wow! I have to live up to that name."

Speaking of names, singing aside, he's also made a name for himself on both the tv & silver screens. Another feather in the cap - playing Tony in a musical theatre production of West Side Story back home. He fancies being in more musical theatre productions because he gets to be another character. For the time being however, this character has a lot going for him, releasing his second album in Singapore titled "Romance Revisited: Love Songs of Jose Mari Chan". Christian's latest album can be found in all leading music stores.

If you are a new convert and want to keep him in range, connect with him on Twitter and Facebook.

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