Saturday, May 08, 2010

Sushi Ice Cream Anyone?

I can't be impartial when it comes to ice cream. I'm known among my friends as the die-hard foodie, and I go only for the real quality stuff. Ever since I discovered Haagen Dazs years back at my (rich) aunt's party, I have not looked back. For the record, it's the only strawberry ice cream I like. And don't even get me started on their Belgian chocolate... *drool*

When Jansen Siak (Word of Mouth Communications) invited us for the launch of Haagen Dazs' new menu, I said Yes on the spot. C'mon, I'd clear my work schedule for this! *LOL*

The media tasting was held at Haagen Dazs' Suntec outlet (#01-017A), and Senior Marketing Manager, Mandy Saviour, came down to introduce us to the new menu. What's this we hear about sushi ice cream???

These are usually created at their out-of-bounds kitchen (with ideal temperatures), but for the media, they brought a "chef" down specially to demonstrate how the sushi ice cream is made...

This ice cream block is made up of thin layers of mango ice cream, alternating with vanilla. It's done kueh lapis style: One layer after another, manually. In fact, it takes them a whole day to make this! No kidding.

These ice cream blocks are then sliced up into sushi-sized chunks, depending on whether they are the "rice" or the "salmon" [pictured below]. But what about the "seaweed wrap"?

Dark chocolate, of course! The demonstrator brushes some dark chocolate onto a strip of paper and wraps it around the ice cream sushi. Then it's off to the freezer! Once the chocolate is hardened, she removes the strip of paper, and... tada!

It's starting to look a lot like sushi! *GRIN* And now for the final touches....

To create the explosion of tastes, fresh kiwi fruit and strawberries are carefully spooned onto the sushi pockets. At this point, I wasn't sure how the flavours would come together, but visually, it was already a treat for me. Look at 'em lovely colours!

Voila! Haagen Dazs' sushi ice cream!

I love this mango one (which is supposed to look like salmon maki!). The other one I really like is the tamago (egg) maki, which boasts a unique combination of macadamia nut ice cream and (I think) passion fruit. Mmm.

The dark chocolate "seaweed" is unsweetened. I think if you don't have too sweet a tooth, it balances off with the very sweet ice cream. But I do have a sweet tooth, and I do wish it was sweeter!

And that's not all. We were also introduced to HD's new selection of ice cream cakes, including this Double Chocolate Royale. It came to us quite dramatically, I must say! Dry ice effect and all....... *LOL*

And if you're not a big fan of chocolate, well there's always the fruity option for you.

Each of us got our very own personal-sized Double Chocolate Royale. Now this is the type of dark chocolate I like... slightly sweetened... I could just eat the coating on its own! *LOL*

And what's inside?

Macadamia nut ice cream.

Eat your heart out! If you love quality ice cream + an explosion of flavours (from rich dark chocolates to fresh fruits) + a visual treat, then I suppose it's time to head down to your nearest Haagen Dazs outlet to check out their new menu? *wink*

Bon Appetit!

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