Monday, May 03, 2010

Farewell to Mel

938LIVE is a family. And while you may be a regular follower of The Living Room, I'm sure you're familiar with the two voices that come on after we sign off: F-Cubers, Eugene Loh & Melanie Oliveiro!

Well, if you didn't hear Melanie's voice over the airwaves today, it's because last Friday was her last day. *sniff* Stan & I decided against doing our on-air tribute to Mel before she made the announcement herself cos we thought it wasn't appropriate.

But now that it's out there, we just want to say this to her:
Mel, you have been a great friend. A touch of sunshine to our day. You are sorely missed.... already!!! We love you, and know that we'll always be good friends. All the best in your new adventure, and know that you'll always have a second family right here at 938LIVE! *hug*

Stan & I with our dearest colleague & friend, Melanie Oliveiro, who has left 938LIVE to embark on a new adventure!

Of course, we want to say a very warm welcome to the baby of our 938LIVE family as well, Levisha Kumar. She is the sweetest girl ever, but oh... what big shoes to fill! :D

As for Mel, we will not say goodbye to you, girl.... only ta ta for now!

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