Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Peter & Blue's Forest Adventures!

A bumble bee that falls in love with a butterfly. A playful dog called Blue who fights a lot with a lazy cat called Calico (but they're apparently also very fond of each other!). And a pure-hearted little boy called Peter who goes into the forest in search of treats to surprise his mother on her birthday.

In the woods, Peter meets curious characters like the Blueberry Boys, Apple Blossom Girls, Mr & Mrs Strawberry, and more... but all these enchanting forest creatures are only visible to those with do good deeds!

How charming! Stan & I were tickled pink when the Singapore Dance Theatre's Artistic Director, Janek Schergen, related the story of Peter and Blue's Forest Adventures to us ~ a story he's written from "taking a little bit from here & there", but especially inspired by a Swedish children's writer he grew up with.

Also joining us today was a very nervous Peter, the latest addition to SDT. He's 20-year-old Naoki Kataoka from Japan. He had a certain wide-eyed innocence about him, I swear! *LOL* That's probably why Janek picked him to dance the role of the young boy.

Our third guest was Singapore-born Ginny Chan plays Peter's lazy cat, Calico. "When Janek first told me about the role, he said 'I need you to do one thing: You need to be very, very, VERY lazy'!" Ginny reveals with a chuckle, admitting it's harder than it sounds.

Personally, another reason I'd go watch this would be the set. Designed by a student of Lasalle College of the Arts, it promises to be stunning. This SDT production is suitable for kids 4 years & up, and plays through the weekend including Mother's Day, so why not make it a family outing?

Peter and Blue's Forest Adventures
(Singapore Dance Theatre)
7 - 9 May
11am & 2pm
Lasalle SIA Theatre

For details, click here.

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