Monday, May 10, 2010

Watch Out Boy She'll Chew You Up!

She's no 'man-eater' like how Darryl Hall and John Oates described, but she's definitely an eater! Cutting a slim finger more befitting of a beauty queen than a professional eater is Juliet Lee. The native of the People's Republic of China up until 1992, Juliet now calls Maryland in the land of star and stripes home.

Pam and I have played host to all kinds of people from all sorts of background and varying stature, but none as fearsome as this lady with a voracious appetite. The night before, Juliet had swallowed 160 shrimp dumplings in 8 minutes. That's just over 3 dumplings in a second! When she sashayed into our living room this morning, she radianted health and didn't look weighed down or sickened by her feat of a feast less than 24 hours earlier.

She has us know that her strategy is to use her hands as teeth, especially when she has to wolf down pizzas. Before stuffing the next mouthful, she'd grab the slice in waiting and roll and form it into a shape and size that would go down easier). She didn't need to employ this technique at yesterday's CP Biggest Eater Competition 2010 - a wonton challenge organised by CP Foods. The boiled dumplings were already softer than say hotdogs or hamburgers, and with the smooth skin, they went down easier than most other foods. But Juliet admitted that the going got tougher in the later stages. As each dumpling contained whole shrimps, she had to chew on the dumplings in the closing stages just to get more in.

When asked if she felt bad about such ravenous eating while half the world was starving, she sets the record straight, saying competitive eaters like herself did what they did to promote foods rather than the act of binging or extravagant wastage. We also learn that she and many of her competitors make donations to impoverished communities, so they do plough back part oftheir winnings.

If you're wondering if there is a 'hall of fame' for the competitive eating fraternity, bingo! They call themselves the Major League Eating & International Federation of Competitive Eating! Juliet currently ranks #11 on the Eater Rankings, with only one other lady ahead of her in the male-dominated pack.

When Juliet's not gorging, she leads an active life playing mother to two teenage daughters and runs her own hair salon back in the States. She also claims she's as good in the kitchen as she is at the competition table, preparing meals for her family and her cat, but she says she eats most "gracefully" when the clock's not ticking down.

And as a true blue Chinese, she jests that she'll eat anything that has legs, except tables. Eating is truly Juliet's 'Romeo', and being Chinese gives her an edge!

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