Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Class of Budding Glass-makers

The still moist air was an unwelcome prelude to the morning drizzle. The heat perhaps set the mood for what was to be a flaming hot affair at working with glass. Except for two participants who joined Pam and I at The Living Room's Hot Glass Bead-Making workshop, it was the first time they were going to work with glass. It certainly is a rare find to chance upon a professional glass artist than say a ceremic artist in Singapore, so Dominic Fonde, co-founder of Art Glass Solutions was a gem!

What distinguished this workshop apart from many other events before this, would be that this was almost wholly hands-on. The theoretical bits were kept to the minimum and not long after welcome words were exchanged, participants were split into two groups and herded to the back of the colonial studio space on Kuo Chuan Avenue. One group was going to start with engraving on lemonade glasses while the other group would begin with bead-making.

Before we could start engraving, Hannah who's from Germany, had each participant prepare a design on a piece of paper. It would later be rolled up and stuffed into the lemonade glass, and we just had to trace our design with the engraving drill bit. It would be advantageous to possess the ability to produce a good design and to have steady hands. I was down on both counts. I can't draw anything decent, nor are my hands apt in keeping the swirling drill bit from pirouetting away from the design I was to trace.

I did slightly better in the bead-making though Dominic did most of the work. After all, you had to work with a flame about 1,200 degress that shot out from a canister tightly clamped to a table.

In between activities, participants gathered around another table to watch Dominic's friend Katherine demonstrate how copper foiling's done. Most of the pieces that participants produced that day were either for a partner or a child who wasn't in attendance. Such sweet gestures!

Meantime, stay peeled to 938LIVE for details of the next Living Room outdoor event!

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