Wednesday, May 05, 2010

The Singapore Graphic Novel

When we think of Graphic Novels, Neil Gaiman's Sandman and the hugely-popular X-Men or V for Vendetta (which were made into blockbuster films) come to mind. It's ambitious to say the least ~ I mean, how many people are proficient writers and artists?

It requires a team of talents ~ which can include a writer, artist, colorist, inker, letterer, penciler etc. In Asia, Japan seems to be taking the world by storm with its manga, but a graphic novel created in Singapore? Hmm, that seems unlikely.

But thanks to IGNITE!, a graphic novel initiative by MDA & in collaboration with the Association of Comic Artists Singapore (ACAS), a generation of young graphic novelists is rising up in Singapore, and being published for the first time.

Take a look at what IGNITE! has unearthed...

Well, today in The Living Room, we got to chat with the President of the Association of Comic Artists (Singapore), Jerry Hinds, as well as three winners of IGNITE!

Singapore's very own graphic novelists: Tan Soon Meng (Ockham's Razor), Beryl Kwok (Memorium) and Regina Ying (Bridge), together with Jerry Hinds, President of ACAS.

It was an enlightening chat indeed, and we learnt quite a bit about the whole process involved into creating a graphic novel, as well as where the industry is heading.

"What we need now most are good writers, people who have strong concepts. I see these storytellers moving into gaming in a big way - that's where the big money is!" says Jerry. "The artwork may be so-so, but if you have a strong story and concept, you will still go far. Just look like South Park and The Simpsons!"

To find out more about the work of the Association of Comic Artists (Singapore), click here.

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