Friday, December 05, 2008


Stanley, Stanley.... where art thou?

It's been 2 weeks on The Living Room without my buddy, who is on reservist. And on this Friday night, I'm just about to pengsan!

My best friend's cat so reflects my state of mind as I'm blogging tonight!

But I had some pretty good conversations this week. My favourites: (1) Class 95's Carol Smith on Operation Smile Cambodia, (2) Susannah Gardner, author of "Blogging for Dummies", (3) Food personality Violet Oon. I've uploaded these for encore broadcast, which will be aired this Sunday 7 Dec, 2pm to 5pm. So if you missed these conversations, you can catch 'em again! *wink*

Next week, I'll be flying solo again, as Stan is flying off to Cambodia. The Living Room was invited to go along for an SIF trip to Phnom Penh! *gasp* Although it will be Round 2 of pengsan-dom for me, I'm thrilled that The Living Room is taking 'live' interviews outside of Singapore. It opens a world of possibilities, doesn't it? Maybe the station will send me to... hmm, let's see... the Maldives?

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