Thursday, December 11, 2008

From Camp to Cambodia

It's good to be back (after spending 17 days away from The Living Room). I'm not sure how many of you can actually say you're thrilled to be back at work after spending time away. If one can say and feel that, I believe you've found a job that's meaningful to you, of good fit and consistent with your personal philosophy and values.

Pam's been running the show solo for an extended stretch of time and she truly deserves a toast all round, wouldn't you agree? If my ICT ended last week, where have I been the last few days? Well...I was 'out in the field' stuffing my microphone into the faces of many people, some Singaporeans, a few Cambodians, a South African and a Malaysian. While most of you were enjoying your public holiday last Monday, I was busy conducting interview after interview in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

I returned last night after a 3-day trip sponsored by the Singapore International Foundation. The trip was organised primarily to let media personnel see firsthand the work's that been done by Singaporean volunteers overseas, specificially physiotherapists from the Singapore General Hospital who've been spending the last year training their Cambodian counterparts and equipping them with more knowledge and skills to tend to their patients better. It's been heartwarming seeing firsthand the effort that's been put in by so many to help our friends there.

All of next week from 10am, I'll share with you the conversations I had on this most meaningful trip to Cambodia.

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