Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Reviewing 2008

I recently asked some friends whether they take stock of the year gone by at the end of the year and was somewhat surprised by their nonchalance. It’s as if there’s no point since it’s all in the past and that it’d be a waste of time and energy. They seem to just want to look ahead and move on.

But is looking back and recalling the past necessarily a bad thing? I personally don’t see it as setting you back. Conversely, I see it as having the propensity to thrust you forward more purposefully. That’s what reviews are about, that’s what debriefs are meant for. Evaluations have a purpose – they tell us how we started, what transpired and how it expired.

We learn from the past to better prepare for the future. Competitive athletes have shown us how. They watch video playbacks of their defeats and conquests and find ways of bettering themselves or overcoming their opponents at a future.

Reviews aren’t times to reminisce and be self-absorbed in a past moment of glory or gaiety. They’re meant to help us plant our stakes, set our course and press on with determined hunger and eagle-eyed precision.

Have you looked back at your year? If not, you still have time before the year runs out and we usher in 2009.

On behalf of Pamela, here’s wishing you grit to face the open seas of 2009, an anchor of hope to ride out the sea billows, and a compass of purpose to achieve your dreams in the year ahead!

Have a Splendid 2009!

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meilai said...

well written, Stan!

p/s: I am a friend of pam's. i dun tune into 938Live regularly but enjoy your blog at The Living Room.

Keep it up and Happy 2009.