Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Shaping Up for 2009

Despite the new year still being two weeks and a whisker away, Pam and I have started in earnest to confirm our interviews with guests in 2009! What began as a clean blank page in our diary just last week is slowly filling up with pencil scratches.

Many listeners (you could well be one of them) think we hold a cosy job. I've heard some remark how it's just a two-hour show on air compared to a nine-to-five (or six) job. Before you start propagating those impressions on what our job entails, you couldn't be farthest from the truth. A lot of what we call show prep (abbreviated for 'preparation') happens out of sight and 'off air'. The reason why our conversations in The Living Room are so fluid is because much show prep's gone into it. It's like stew...the longer you have it over the flame, the more tender and flavourful the meat.

Back to the new year just around the corner, what are your goals? If fitness or taking up a new sport is on the cards, how about the sport of water polo? My guests today Ivan, David and Samuel are water polo champs who're volunteers promoting the sport to women and youth. So what if our men's national water polo team's winning streak at the SEA Games hasn't been broken since the 1960s?

There's still more room to grow the sport and as they mentioned on air, it's not about the lack of facilities (i.e swimming pools). If it's motivation or a lack of clarity of what the sport's about and how it's played, make your way down to practice sessions at Toa Payoh swimming complex where the women's team trains or the Queenstown swimming complex where the youth gather for a splashing good time. Click here for more information on the water polo scene in Singapore.

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