Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Comedy (at) Central

I know. Clowns can look a tad scary. But after chatting with Scoot & Jamie this morning, I can assure you they are no Chucky.

They are two really down-to-earth, funny Australian blokes who are in town to entertain shoppers this Christmas at Central, the Shopping Mall.

What do they do? Well, Jamie is a standup comedian. Scoot (aka Mark) is a juggler who also climbs ladders. OK, don't ask. Go check out their act at Central, 2pm & 3pm, till Christmas Eve.

Scoot (left) & Jamie (right) with tools of their trade. Check out the parang he juggles together with an apple ~ which he eats in the process!

After the interview, we got Scoot to show off his juggling skills in the carpark. Being the natural entertainer that he is, he gladly obliged. 

Here's a vid of him juggling 7 balls...

It was a fun way to start my morning ~ especially after being on leave the past week. Boy, it's good to be back on The Living Room! *grin*

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