Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Notes from the Off-Air Side...

It's confirmed. I'm a workaholic. And I'm addicted to The Living Room. 

I've been on leave since Monday, and already I'm feeling a little off-centre. I've been reading Stan's blog entries in the mornings, and listening to The Living Room whenever I have access to the Internet or radio. Good grief, I even searched for our signature tune on iTunes ~ and bought it! *gasp* 

What's our signature tune? Oh, it's called Bahia Funk by Lee Ritenour. Here's the album (pictured). There. OK, fine. I'm pathetic, I know.  

As Stan mentioned, there's much that goes on behind the scenes for The Living Room team ~ which is basically Stan & me lah. We produce & present everything you hear on-air, so there's a lot of scrambling to read up, to set up interviews, prepare Q&A, update website, blog etc. In fact, it's a daily affair. But that also helps us "own" our programme. 

I am excited about 2009! Stan the Man has loads of ideas, and Punky Pam has some up her sleeves as well. *wink* And as The Living Room team ~ we're talking synergy, man. Formidable. Brace yourselves!

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