Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Brain Freeze!

Before I blog about our guest this morning, I have a confession to make.

If you were tuned in to The Living Room today, and heard a host of boo boos on air, well *raises a hand sheepishly* ... it was me.

I've started "panelling" ~ which means I basically sit in the pilot's seat and operate the "cockpit" controls on my own.

Here's the view from where Stan & I sit. For the last 2 days, I've been sitting in Stan's pilot seat & manning the "cockpit".

When I see Stan do it, he's truly Mr Octopus. It's like he doesn't have to think. When Stan told me yesterday, "OK, today you panel hor!", I tell you my heartbeat quadrupled. My hands started shaking. And I seriously broke into a cold sweat. *whimper*

Today, there were several times I experienced complete brain freeze. And dead air. Seriously, 3 seconds of it feels like a deafening 30 minutes. Today was definitely one of those days I'd really like to forget...

But enough about me. Today, we got to chat with Nicholas Lim, Regional Director of Contiki Holidays. Nick is a really easy-going guy and a natural talker. His travel stories definitely fuelled my desire to make TRAVEL one of my 2009 resolutions.

Canadian Rockies, here I come! *lol*

Here we are around the Christmas tree @ the radio building lobby
with Nicholas Lim, Regional Director of Contiki Holidays.

To find out more about Stan & Pam's resolutions for 2009, and our reflections on the year past, tune in to tomorrow's New Year's Eve Special of The Living Room. *wink*

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