Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Have a Blessed Christmas!

It's Christmas Eve! On The Living Room today, we did a Christmas Special, where for the last hour, we played our favourite carols. It was enchanting ~ especially with the rain falling softly outside (the next best thing to snow!) and an unusually cool temperature of 23 to 26 deg C.

For me, Christmas has always been special. Not only is it the birthday of Jesus - which I celebrate - it's also a time when I pause to count my blessings and recount the many ways God has blessed me. 

And this past year, one thing I'm truly thankful for is being embraced by the 938LIVE family. I'm blessed with wonderful new colleagues, an unmatchable on-air buddy, and a programme I truly believe in. And although radio is all new to me, I'm discovering it's a medium I can grow to love... Who would've guessed? *grin*

There have also been new people who have walked into my life this year who have forever changed it. People who have restored my faith in love and hope. *hug*

And Phoebe, thanks for the chocolate cupcake you baked for us! *drool* But more so, for your invaluable help these past months, and the many coffees you've bought me & claimed Uncle gives you free because you're cute.
Cherish those you love. Give thanks. And from The Living Room team, here's wishing you a most blessed & love-filled Christmas!!! 

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