Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Food Kakis Unite!

I live to eat. Seriously, I do. Once I had a craving for chicken rice balls, and we drove all the way up to Malacca for lunch!

So you can imagine I was practically bouncing up & down my studio swivel chair when I had these food gurus on The Living Room to talk about *in a sing-song voice* FOOD, glorious FOOD...

Here's Violet Oon. She needs no introduction. But if you heard our conversation today, you'd have found out that (1) she is Singapore's food ambassador, (2) she is now going "the healthy way", and (3) she is 60! As promised, I'm posting her picture on our blog because I want you to see her complexion ~ it's better than mine!

Violet Oon: Does she look 60 to you? Her secret: She eats pearls

Last Friday, I had the pleasure of meeting the man behind Singapore's No. 1 food website, HungryGoWhere.com. To date, it boasts 370,000 hits by unique visitors per month and some 16,000 reviews. It even has an online delivery service, with gourmet restaurants on its list! So who says you need to order-in fast food & pizzas on weekends?

Here I am with Dennis Goh. We got along instantly. Bonded I guess by our love for food and the realisation that we were both from Hwa Chong JC. I got reminded of the Shan Ge (transl. mountain song)........ a Chinese school cheer this hopeless "angmo pai" girl had to lead when she was a student councillor there. Good grief.

Dennis Goh of HungryGoWhere.com, Singapore's No. 1 food website!

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